EQ audio customize your requirements from concept to completion to write and produce high quality music for soundtracks, websites, gaming, film, tv, radio and cinema advertisements, DJ sampling and artist collaboration for commercial release.

Our qualified writer will work with you, via internet for international clients outside of NZ and LA, to suit your time, budget, and personal music preferences to produce what you want, when you want it.

From 30 second radio ads to film scores, EQ audio can produce any musical genre, from choral to hiphop, ethnic to rock, classical string arrangements to electronic trance.

With our formally trained writer/producer having worked in Tokyo on electronic fusion since 2001, EQ audio produces efficiently and effectively using Logic, Denon, ESP, Yamaha, Roland, Boss, Warwick, Technics, Shure and Audix technology and instrumentation, providing our clients with original sound and precision audio on time and on budget.

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Private music tuition now available Primary to Secondary NCEA Level 3.